Colorado Volunteers
Supporting Police Dogs

Every dollar donated to CPCA helps our all-volunteer organization to grow and certify police service dogs, while also providing needed health and retirement care for police service dogs.

About CPCA

Founded in 2003, the Colorado Police Canine Association (CPCA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that establishes professional standards for K9 handlers and provides certifications for police service dogs in the state of Colorado.

Our standards, training, and certifications have helped to build exceptional K9 teams for law enforcement agencies across Colorado.


Standards set by the CPCA have been approved by the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police and Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board.

While there is an abundance of certifications available in the state and nationwide, certifications from the Colorado Police Canine Association are the only ones recognized and accredited by Colorado P.O.S.T.


CPCA works to ensure that all dogs in police service are able to work on the level required to maintain safety for themselves, their working partners, and communities they serve.

Colorado Police Canine Association’s standards are in place in training programs across Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming.


Our certifications were designed to set a minimum level of acceptable performance for K9 teams in the state.

Our standards have been approved by the state Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs associations. To date we have provided hundreds of certifications for K9 teams and have continued to grow as an all-volunteer organization.


Membership is open to any current Colorado K9 Officer.

Membership fees are $50 per year and includes certifications.


Support healthcare and needs for retired K9s.

The CPCA Health & Care fund helps with the cost of healthcare and other needs for retired K9s.